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How often are garbage rounds done at your facility?

PSALM 8 * Divine Majesty and Human Dignity. 1 For the leader; “upon the gittith.” * A psalm of David. 2 O LORD, our Lord,. how awesome is your name through all the earth! I will sing of your majesty above the heavens. 3 with the mouths of babes a and infants.. You have established a bulwark * against your foes,. to silence enemy and avenger. Since many crossover all-wheel-drive vehicles are actually in front-wheel-drive mode most of the time, rotating the tires on these vehicles should be done often, since the front tires can be expected to wear more rapidly than the rear tires. Tread wear variances of more than 2/32 of an inch suggest that the tires should be rotated more frequently. Arbitrary definition, subject to individual will or judgment without restriction; contingent solely upon one's discretion: an arbitrary decision. See more. Thy will be done.--The prayer has often been, even in the lips of Christians, hardly more than the "acceptance of the inevitable." Like the Stoic, we have submitted to a destiny; like the Moslem, we have been resigned to a decree. But as it came from the lips of the Son of Man, it was surely far more than this. ... Manage your membership. How to Pitch. Contact us: support@thenib.com. Support The Nib. Become a member. Donate. Shop the Bookstore. Gift a Membership. Back Issues. Retailers. Rise and Shine. The World is Doomed. The Nib, delivered to your inbox every AM. Leave this field empty if you're human: How often a septic tank needs to be pumped depends on the system design and how your household uses the system. Complete this chart, repeating every few years to gauge how often you should have your tank inspected or pumped. Remember these are guidelines. Your Maintainer or Service Provider can give you a better estimate of your pumping needs.

2022.01.24 20:24 RecipeEnvironmental9 How often are garbage rounds done at your facility?

I work at a LTC/ALF and we remove all soiled briefs from rooms when we leave. There is also a full round made where we take all other garbage out of all rooms during the AM shift and PM shift. This takes between 45-60 minutes per CNA per floor. I have heard from several of the more independent residents that it's disruptive to their routine to have their suite entered to have garbage taken out so often. It also seems to make a lot of extra plastic waste (garbage bag liners for individual eat baskets). Your thoughts?
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2022.01.24 20:24 ionutdezi What are your opinions on Great Road Of Heroes, Any hopes?

I have very high hopes for it. Only one more year until it comes out.
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2022.01.24 20:24 AlebinYusepe r/Whooosh \n https://youtu.be/DHpnvQALvSw

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2022.01.24 20:24 Chocol8milkfiend Am I tripping or does this look worn? Im not trying to be THAT guy but this shirt I just got in from Stock X is very clearly flawed and not new. Is it even worth fighting at this point?

Am I tripping or does this look worn? Im not trying to be THAT guy but this shirt I just got in from Stock X is very clearly flawed and not new. Is it even worth fighting at this point? submitted by Chocol8milkfiend to stockx [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:24 Environmentalpusher Am I missing a good coin?

As the title says, am I missing anything new to invest in during these dips? I've finally nailed down the ones I wanted to concentrate on (as a noob, I had many more). I feel like I'm missing diversity in my list. This is everything: BTC, ETH, ONE, MATIC, ALGO, VET, XTZ, AMP, DOT, ACH, CRO, ADA and Verasity.
I hear alot about LRC AND SOL but I've just been concentrating on adding to my current list.
Just wondering your thoughts, since I can't talk about it to anyone around me. They just look at me like I have 3 heads.
Thanks guys and keep buying
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2022.01.24 20:24 KtMoney1984 Games crash with XMP enabled on Asus ROG Strix Z690E

I just built a new system with a 12900, Corsair vengeance 5600 DDR5 and a 3090. After a lot of troubleshooting I found that enabling XMP is crashing my games to desktop. If I put it in Auto it will run games. I had to update to BIOS version 811 because the other versions would cause my boot times to be crazy long or boot loop until I manually selected the M.2 drive to boot from. Do I just need to wait on another bios update before trying XMP again because I can’t go back to previous versions.
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2022.01.24 20:24 FishfAct76 Found a friend at the grocery store

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2022.01.24 20:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - NASA's new space telescope arrives at its destination in solar orbit | France24

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2022.01.24 20:24 torturedDaisy DNA analyzed 1/19

Then got an email about having a large surge of kits to process. Yet people who’ve had their dna after mine have gotten results?
At what point do I just call?
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2022.01.24 20:24 junebug1997APJ Homosexual Relationships in Fanfic

Before you come at me with you pitchforks and Knives hear me out. When it comes to Homosexual relationships in fanfics I really don't like how the MHA community handles them and as a gay man myself I sometimes get repulsed by how fetishized it gets. Sometimes it's gets to the point where it's borderline just becomes a porn topic.
Don't get me wrong there are a few fics that I've read that have gotten them somewhat right like some Kyoka Jirou/Momo Yayorozou fics or an occasional Ejiro Kirishima/ Katsuki Bakugou fics but more often than not the characters that are gay in fics either don't make sense or straight become stereotypes that are harmful to the gay community. Stuff like the effeminate gay gets with the overly masculine gay that's harmful because it perpetuates stereotypes that gay men are so very effeminate and weak that they need masculine men to help them or that Masculine men are gay because its seen as empowering to f---k a man ( Check out the Greek and Roman cultures if you want to know what that's like in real life). There's alot of other things that I've seen that make me cringe. I'm not saying don't write homo stories I'm just saying don't fetishize us. Please
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2022.01.24 20:24 RaptorianKing American citizen in Afghanistan embraces Islam | The Express Tribune

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2022.01.24 20:24 honeybunz101 Culturally Relevant Food Information Survey

Hi everyone!
Yep, it's that time in the quarter again. My group is focusing on potential issues and solutions for people of other cultures who try to use apps and other resources for nutrition that usually center around a traditional western diet. It will probably take around 5 minutes to complete. If you've got a little time to spare, please take our survey!
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2022.01.24 20:24 Big_Booty_Pics MKBHD - Blue Bubbles vs Green Bubbles

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2022.01.24 20:24 Shineku Blue hat for good luck!

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2022.01.24 20:24 Educational_Wave_786 The Classic Fallout Iceberg

The Classic Fallout Iceberg submitted by Educational_Wave_786 to classicfallout [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:24 Inaerius ELI5: In factory farms, why are male chicks grounded up instead of being raised to adulthood for meat consumption?

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2022.01.24 20:24 Squirrel0ne Parents in Alberta less willing to offer their children as sacrifices

Parents in Alberta less willing to offer their children as sacrifices submitted by Squirrel0ne to EverythingAlberta [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:24 PickleRick12321 Fun with the Student Handbook

Sorry for the length TLDR at bottom.
So this goes back to when I was in high school. I was a pretty stubborn teenager with ADHD and I enjoyed studying as it weirdly helped me focus. Most the time when I got in trouble it was because i finished my work got bored and so started messing around.
I fully accept when I got in trouble for my own actions but I had one teacher, let’s call him mr D, who just seemed to have it out for me. And would find almost any given reason so give me crap (once gave me a detention because someone on the other side of the class threw a paper ball at him when his back was turned, claimed he saw me do it).
One day he gave me a sanction for having my shirt untucked and another for wearing white socks which frankly I saw as being ridiculous reasons (2 sanctions in a day and you get a detention, so I got a detention) this prompted me to spend my detention carefully going through the student handbook. Time for some MC.
The following day I turned up with black trainers- after mr D tried to give me a sanction for wearing trainers, I went to the year head and pointed out that shoes are shoes by definition and the handbook says black shoes. He sighed and accepted and I went back to class all smug.
Day two, I wore my tie as a belt, when mr D (now starting to cotton on to my plan) said I wasn’t wearing a tie i pointed out that I was indeed wearing a tie and it was done up correctly and made an excellent belt. Off to the year head I went with my trusty handbook to hand-it only said ties must be worn and done up with a Windsohalf Windsor etc which mine was.
To keep this simple I will give a run down of the following days.
Day 3- white socks over black socks (still wearing black socks)
Day 4- black cargo trousers (still black trousers)
Day 5- Hawaiian shirt over white shirt both tucked in (still wearing white shirt)
Day 6 - all clothes inside out
Day 7 - all clothes too small (little brothers)
Day 8- high heels
At the end of the 8th day I get pulled into a meeting with the year head and Mr D, they ask me to stop and I explained I was just trying to hammer home how stupid and unfair it is to give sanctions for minor dress code infractions when there intention is to prevent bad behaviour. They didn’t necessarily agree but I never got a stupid sanction like that again from mr D so I don’t know what the conversation was once I left.
Needless to say the student handbook was revised for the following term.
Thanks for reading, sorry it was a bit long.
TLDR- get a detention for wearing white socks and not tucking my shirt in. Proceed to dress ridiculously for the following week but within the specifications in the rule book.
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2022.01.24 20:24 Poloboyy5900 who d30 talkin bout ?

who d30 talkin bout ? submitted by Poloboyy5900 to Miraq [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:24 starsturnblue I know it’s not baseball. But I saw this on FB, and had to share with you guys.

I know it’s not baseball. But I saw this on FB, and had to share with you guys. submitted by starsturnblue to baseballcards [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Big Sur wildfire burn zone not as large as feared | LA Times

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2022.01.24 20:24 swirlybears [wts] MLD Bug Bivy 2 (7.3oz), MLD Spirit 48 quilt XL (14.9oz), HOKA Challenger ATR 6 men’s 11 wide (22.3oz), Hang Tight Shop Underquilt (16oz)

Photos + verification.
All prices usd, includes conus shipping + paypal fee.

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2022.01.24 20:24 xNigthmareAlley H: V2525 LMG W: Low Tier Legacy and Offers

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2022.01.24 20:24 millertime1216 Make the 4Q Jan.29 mark…Pick up the phone and DRS your shares NOW!

Can’t stop, won’t stop, til the float’s locked!! **3 KEYS TO LOCKING FLOAT:**

  1. ⁠The word about DRS and GME needs to be spread to the masses outside of Reddit. If every ape would just reach another person or two outside of Reddit, we would lock the float in no time!
  2. ⁠Apes with money tied up in other investments could convert those to GME and DRS. This includes taking the tax hit on IRA if you can. PLEASE consider trading in your “other investment” now. It’s the perfect time. Even IF both squeeze, only GME has a turnaround plan that can launch MOASS.
  3. ⁠Apes with shares in Etoro and other brokers that will not DRS: *Sell and re-buy elsewhere!! * Please don’t trust your tendies to a broker that won’t DRS!
**Changing the world is what’s at stake!!**
BE the change!! Lock the float
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2022.01.24 20:24 ThatsSoMetaDawg YSK that you’re probably dehydrated.

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