Some no scope kraber shots for your evening 🍿

2022.01.24 19:20 StrictGarbage Some no scope kraber shots for your evening 🍿

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2022.01.24 19:20 blackownedlawfirms The Mack Law Group Southern Michigan Award Winning Black and Women-Owned Law Firm For Mental Incapacity

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2022.01.24 19:20 gothichicc Help?

I haven’t talked to her in a bit (not too long) but she always pops up and texts me to make sure I’m okay. Does this mean she likes me ? I lied about my age saying I was 18 but I’m actually 17 and she lives on an island and wants me to go see her so idk what to do. Help?
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2022.01.24 19:20 christmas54321 Lyrics to WKUK drinking songs

By WKUK AKA The Colt 45s
Well I woke up win jail again I hope the wedding went fine Last I can remember I was having a good time They had lots of cake and a table full of wine I hope I get out soon there’s a baby shower at 9
Buy me a pint and I shall drive ye home
Buy me a pint and I shall drive ye home Buy me a pint and I shall drive ye home I don’t really want to drive drunk all alone So buy me a pint and I shall drive ye home I was workin all day down in the copper mine Drinking vodka Hennessy and wine If you hold my head while I puke I’ll hold thine Buy me a pint and I shall drive ye home
Hold my beer while I take a piss
Darling my love for you is as deep as the abyss If you weren’t in my life my world would be amiss I love the way you smile and cherish every kiss Now hold my beer while I take a piss
The way your voice sounds when I call you on the phone The way you lift me in the car to drive me home
The way you help me out ~indiscernible~ were arriving The way you switch my seat and tell them you were driving
The way you don’t take my insults seriously The way you perform cpr whenever I OD The way you fix my cuts when I fall down the stairs The way you rescue me when I kick sleeping bears
Darling my love for you is as deep as the abyss If you weren’t in my life my world would be amiss I love the way you smile and cherish every kiss Now hold my beer while I take a piss
I like drinkin cause it makes me feel so happy when I’m blue I like drinkin cause it makes me feel more Interested in you
I’m just Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin Drinkin drinkin SCOPE.
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2022.01.24 19:20 theBizZzo eSports Tiger Wuji 2 or Pulsar Paracontrol v2

I have an Artisan Zero XSOFT now but idk i feel i need to change up some stuff and i need an non coated alternative. Any of those 2 are good or not? Or any suggestions?
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2022.01.24 19:20 Kris_Keberos I like to make Insect Glaive based Monster Hunter content. I try to keep things light and entertaining. Here's my recent Apex Diablos Emergency quest video.

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2022.01.24 19:20 WaserWifle Snelly: Fun-loving snowball-throwing elementals.

"You stand before Four-Star Lord High Commander In Chief Snellis Von Snellec! My esteemed company and I are on a very important mission, and for trespassing in our lands, I'm conscripting you."
Who doesn't love snowball fights? If you dwell in the Frostfell where the elemental planes of air and water meet, you'd better hope so, because with miles of snow and ice with little else to do you'll get bored quickly. Snelly face no such troubles: flinging snowballs is their life and love. These elementals are as tricky as they are playful, but anyone who crosses them will shortly find out that they don't just play at warfare.
Snelly stat block:
What is a Snelly?
Creatures of elemental ice, they're small goblin-like creatures with pale grey-blue skin with long straight noses and pale blue hair over their head and back that is perpetually frozen into pointed clumps. Snelly don't need protection from the elements but still wear clothes for personal adornment, usually a mix of animal pelts and scavenged military uniform. In addition, they often dye their hair or nose.
As elemental creatures, they have an innate affinity for their element, or combination thereof. Snelly aren't lowed in the slightest by snowy or icy terrain, and burrow through it very quickly with their claws, although they can't burrow through earth. Snelly have a natural aptitude for throwing snowballs, which they use for defense, hunting, and pleasure, and can also form snow very quickly. Normally this is just to construct a simple barricade or some other functional but plain structure, but if they put their mind to it they can create sculptures of snow or ice that are unparalleled in their beauty and complexity.
Snelly are communal peoples that live in groups usually numbering between ten to thirty. All members of the group contribute to the safety and wellbeing of the whole, but they spend most of their time in leisure. Snelly love to play a variety of highly competitive games, usually something that involves throwing snow at each other. While they normally play among themselves, they're happy to allow outsiders to join in on their games especially if it gives them a competitive edge, or better yet as an excuse to pummel someone new with snowballs. Despite the fierce rivalries they develop during their games, a group of Snelly are family who look out for one another, and will instantly gang up on anyone who hurts one of their own, and are none too shy about rolling stones into their snowballs in such an instance.
Though they resemble biological creatures, and Snelly do develop romantic relationships, they don't breed like most creatures. They're born naturally from elemental spirits in the Frostfell, with youngsters often found dormant in glaciers or uncovered by avalanches. Thus Snelly don't breed, but might go mining for new member to their group, whereupon the newcomers are adopted and a couple of Snelly are designated as the parents. If a group doesn't have any romantically engaged Snelly, then two Snelly are chosen at random to become new parents, whether they like it or not, which isn't quite the burden it might seem as much of the child-rearing duties are handled communally.
Snelly are highly territorial, but fortunately their go-to tactic when confronting a foe is to pelt it with snowballs as a deterrent, and if the trespasser persists, bludgeoning it into unconsciousness. Only a serious crime such as killing one of their own will provoke them to use lethal force. This isn't because Snelly are inherently good, its just a mood killer for them to have their fun interrupted with matters of life-or-death, and they know the best way to be left alone is to make a show of force but not one so severe as to invite retribution. They mark the borders of their territory with swarms of decorated snowmen. The sight can be eerie enough, especially as Snelly can build them unusually fast, but these snowmen also provide cover against ranged attacks and they can burrow inside snowmen to wait in ambush. Many ignorant interlopers in a Snelly's territory has lost their nerve and fled when hit with a snowball out of nowhere only to be surrounded by snowmen who move when not being observed.
Those who live close to Snelly territory seldom hold any concern. Snelly aren't hostile and while territorial, they don't expand much without good reason. Furthermore, Snelly enjoy festivals of all kinds, so when winter takes the land they might send out envoys or temporarily relocate nearer humanoid settlements to exchange gifts and play with the local children. Snelly also gain some favour by using their snow digging skills to clear roads and paths. In any case, whenever a Snelly receives a gift or payment for its services, it makes a big deal out of it, with grand speeches and pledges to remember the gesture for generations to come. This is only partly sincere, the dramatics is just part of the game for them.
Dedicated LARPERs
When Snelly engage in games, they also engage in outlandish and dramatic roleplay. One Snelly on each team is randomly determined to be the leader, who assigns themselves a suitably grandiose title, while the remainder fall into a squabbling regiment of underlings with their own titles that seldom correspond to their actual roles, if they even have one. From there, whatever game they play is treated as a very silly war where the Snelly are the equally silly soldiers. They take their roles very seriously and only break character under the most extreme circumstances until one side is declared the winner and a victory party is held. These games can last weeks, but Snelly never concede a tie, they just escalate. A Snelly's wargames can quickly get out of hand, and where Snelly live on the material plane, their games can spill out of their territory and into areas where other people live or travel. But a Snelly won't admit defeat regardless of how many innocent bystanders get hit with a stray snowball.
Snelly have a hazy at best idea of military ranks and titles actually work, but are still very enthusiastic about the concept. Among the few treasures that Snelly covet, they prize most anything related to soldiers and armies. Banners, medals, ribbons, uniforms, they'll happily pilfer these from both the living or the dead and wear them with pride. A Snelly that owns and wears a lot of medals is more likely to be respected by its family and be chosen as a commander for their games. They seldom know what significance any of their trinkets hold, nor do they care. They just like having them. They'll thoughtlessly combine uniforms of two mortal enemies, wear medals upside down, or bear a banner as a cape. By this means, Snelly acquire many valuables. Sometimes they take something only to realise later that it isn't the regalia they thought it was and be open to trading it, or some shiny thing they keep turns out to be a magic item. These kinds of items are a surefire way of bribing a Snelly. Snelly don't have a hierarchy within their groups outside of their games, but an outsider looking to deal with the most respectable Snelly in the group could do worse than to try and find the one wearing the most military clutter.
More amusing to a Snelly than any of their games is the confusion of newcomers. When presented with an outsider confused by their roleplay, they double down and utterly refuse to break character. A Snelly commander will speak of a generations-long war, thousands of casualties, epic heroics, and other such nonsense. In battle, the dramatics are taken to even more ridiculous heights. Rivals meet on the battlefield and exchange vague yet threatening dialogue, a Snelly hit by a snowball will overact their "death" while a sobbing comrade confesses their love as they hold their "dying" friend in their arms.
While this is all fun and games, it would be a serious mistake to presume that the antics of Snelly are nothing more than childish fun. During play, a Snelly regiment is full of arguing over rank and glory with the commander only having the loosest control over their troops. But in truth, Snelly take their games so seriously that if they need to take action against a dangerous foe, they already have all the combat experience they need. With all the squabbling, roleplay, and nonsense stripped away, what you're left with is a fiercely loyal family unit of hardy elementals who have been training for their whole lives. A Snelly's best attack strategy and favourite pastime is exactly the same: throwing snowballs. Ambush tactics, advanced battlefield maneuvers, and clever use of their innate abilities, its all par for the course during their games, so if they need to fight for real, its second nature to them. This makes them quite useful to conjurers who can control them by magic, or powerful creatures that can press a group of Snelly into service.
Snelly Games
The favourite games of a Snelly is Capture the Flag, but they play a variety, usually around throwing snowballs. Below are a sample of games that Snelly play and might invite adventurers to join them in.
Capture the Flag. One team has possession of a flag or some other symbolic item, and the other team is tasked with taking it from them. Alternatively, the flag starts in the middle round between the two camps. Almost anything goes, from outright warfare to subterfuge. Usually in this game, anyone who gets hit by a snowball is declared "dead" and has to sit out of the game for one hour or until the next day depending on the specific rules. Snelly play rough, and one version of this game requires the teams to bludgeon each other unconscious instead. The space between each camp is most often filled with obstacles such as pits, water, trees, or barricades built by one team or another. Both teams are free to modify or fortify their camps, or even move entirely, at great risk. The goal is usually to retain the flag for a certain amount of time, or to take it back to one's own camp. A game of Capture the flag can persist for weeks at a time, or can be over within an hour. Traditionally this game is the most important in Snelly culture, and the winner usually gets to wear the flag until the next game.
Team Knockout. A much faster and simpler game than Capture the Flag, but in many ways is similar. A court of any size is marked out, which competitors are not allowed to leave. Anyone who gets hit with a snowball is out of the game. Last team standing wins. The shorter amount of time and limited area means the game focuses less on long-term strategy and team planning, and more on individual skill at throwing and dodging. While Capture the Flag is considered the true mark of a great Snelly hero, Team Knockout is often used to settle rivalries in the here and now, as matches seldom last more than a few minutes.
Raft Wars. Played on cold lakes or ponds. Two teams use chunks of ice, old logs, or some other object as a makeshift raft. Anyone who falls in the water is out of the game. If one team's raft sinks, or everyone aboard falls in, that team loses. Thus, both teams try and knock each other off with snowballs or try and break the enemy raft. Getting hit with a snowball doesn't matter in Raft Wars as long as you don't fall in the water. Daring players might even try and board the enemy vessel.
Tobogganing. A sled, old boat, hollow tree trunk, or other such object is positioned at the top of a hill. A team of Snelly then work together to push and steer the makeshift toboggan down the slope and around obstacles. This game isn't always competitive as a team can partake alone, but when multiple teams share a slope they aim to race to the bottom, ramming each other's vehicles or hurling snowballs all the way down because making sure the enemy team doesn't reach the bottom counts as a win. Snelly are better at shrugging off a tumble than most humanoids, so these toboggan courses are almost always dangerous. Snelly sometimes use these sleds to outrun avalanches.
Lady of Winter. While other games test a Snelly's sculpting ability by the building of forts or ramps, this game tests artistry. One Snelly is designated the Lady of Winter. The Lady is dressed up in a wig and frilly dress, or the closest available approximation thereof, and is treated with adoration by all who seek to outdo each other with compliments and romantic gestures. The Lady's outfit is often adorned with the tackiest accessories, their face painted with far too much makeup, the bust stuffed with rags, and other such extravagance. The Lady needn't actually be female, but as male and female Snelly look very similar anyway the outfit remains the same. Each team seeks to create a sculpture, and the Lady of Winter is to be the judge of which is the grandest and most exquisite. Teams in this game are prone to fracturing into smaller teams very quickly. While the Lady of Winter is an enviable role, its also traditional to kidnap them if another game breaks out, to be used as a flag or a figurehead on a raft. Although much less common than the more physical games they play, Lady of Winter is also the closest the Snelly come to religion, as in their tales the Lady of Winter is a mythical figure that created them.
Snelly Lairs
A Snelly's territory can vary in size, but its never an area that's larger than what they can reasonably defend and regularly observe. Geographical features that make an area more defensible or difficult to traverse make for excellent natural borders, and they'll incorporate these whenever possible. They'll also mark the borders as clearly as they can with legions of snowmen. Within this area are the places they prefer to play (although their games can spill out into surrounding areas if they get out of hand), but also forage and hunt here if possible. As excellent tunnelers and builders, any means of entering their territory always has a convenient lookout nearby accessible by hidden tunnels. They'll also tunnel under snow and ice to create hidden pitfalls, or they'll trigger avalanches to block off passages.
Hidden in their territory is their home. Usually its accessed by a network of dug tunnels, but they'll incorporate caves if convenient. Ideally they'll want to drive away foes before they find these tunnels, so are ever ready to fight on the surface, and have ready-built fortifications and trenches to defend for this reason. An invader seeing these structures might believe that they have found the Snelly lair, but this is a diversion from their underground home. Past maze-like twisting tunnels is a larger communal living area. Fights break out often as they share most basic facilities, including cooking, sleeping, and bathing. Actually cooking food over a fire is rare for Snelly and only for specific recipes that require it, so "cooking" doesn't actually contain a fire pit or oven except for special occasions. Thus they have a pantry where food is kept cold, and a butcher where meat, bones, and hide are prepared from hunted game. Snelly don't sweat so don't bother bathing often, since its annoying to have to reapply body paint or hair dye, but they do use water often to clean their prized possessions. If they can't access water underground, they either create a tunnel to nearby water above ground or use dams and tunnels to bring some below, but these are prone to freezing over. Snelly bathe in cold water. Sleeping quarters are haphazard at best and contains a mix of furs and soft snow for comfort, with a few loosely allocated alcoves or such. A main hall is present for hosting events and for group discussions, such as allocating teams for games. This room also displays some of the group's trophies, with pictograms carved into the walls that denote anything from stories of legendary heroics or a general notice board. A Snelly lair also contains dozens of sealed rooms where individual Snelly store their personal effects to prevent them from being stolen. Anyone in the group knows who owns which room, but intruders might not realise that a decorated wall of ice and snow is even meant to be a door at all. These doors are made so elaborate so that anyone breaking them to get at the goods within can't accurately recreate it, so a Snelly knows if its possessions have been tampered with.
Snelly Allies
Snelly have as many allies as they want in their family group, but are fine with cooperating with humanoids when their needs align.
Normally Snelly drive out or hunt large animals in their territory, since it can disrupt their games. However, if they do come across a large animal such as elk or bear, they make a game out of trying to stay on its back. Snelly don't bother with animal husbandry, and mostly hunt small animals like rabbits and birds that can be easily slain with a precision snowball, or they use nets to fish in the laziest ways they can get away with. They do keep animals as pets sometimes though. Small creatures that live in the cold and don't mind cramped burrows work best, such as foxes and seals.
While Snelly don't readily abandon their territory even in the face of a superior foe, a creature strong enough to utterly dominate their territory can force them into subservience. These creatures include those whose mere presence magically alters the terrain, such as White Dragons and Bheur Hags. An easier way to gain the allegiance of Snelly is simply to respect their territory and find a mutually beneficial deal, and in these instances Snelly don't really distinguish between good or evil creatures. This is the approach taken by Silver Dragons and many humanoid spellcasters, as well as their genie neighbours on the elemental planes.
Running Snelly Encounters
Snelly use similar tactics during play and serious fights. Their main skill is throwing snowballs, but the attack allows them to choose if they deal damage or not, which is the main thing that separates a friendly Snelly from a dangerous one.
Although Snelly are only a CR 1/2 creature that relies on ambushes, they are surprisingly resilient. They have 14 CON and a resistance to all bludgeoning damage. In addition, their passive abilities are great for defense or hit-and-run attacks, which I will cover in more detail shortly. They're a bit tougher than skirmishing snipers normally might be.
Snelly have no good reason to engage while not in snowy or icy terrain. Too many of their abilities depend on it. If they happen to get caught off-guard and forced to fight outside of their preferred terrain, they'll just flee, no two ways about it. Unless they've been conjured by a spell, they're definitely close to some, because they don't live in places where their innate feature don't apply. So going forward the assumption will be that they're in favourable terrain. Snelly have no compunctions about triggering avalanches to bring the snow to them.
Lets start with its highest skills: Stealth. Players encountering Snelly are probably going to be ambushed. Their favorite ambush strategy is to stack three Snelly using the Snow Boulder option of their Shape Snow feature on top of each other to pretend to be a snowman. This lets them sneak about in disguise and blend into the ordinary snowmen that litter their territory. Consequently, you can guarantee that a Snelly encounter won't contain less than three Snelly.
Their attacks are simple: a single weak melee attack that relies or strength, or two snowball attacks that use their comparatively much better dexterity. Clearly, they'll make space and lob snowballs whenever possible, and only a desperate Snelly will use its claws except for opportunity attacks. This aspect of their turn-by-turn actions is very simple then, and any complexity instead comes from their bonus action granted by Shape Snow, which has three options. This might seem a bit too confusing to run in combat at first, especially when there's multiple Snelly on the board, but its actually very easy. The first is a stealth feature, so you don't need to worry about it unless a fleeing Snelly breaks line of sight with a foe, otherwise it doesn't impact their standard behavior, so a typical turn of combat with a Snellly will instead use one of the other two. (Note that Snow Boulder prevents burrowing but not ordinary walking: they can still roll around). Barricade is used to defend against ranged attacks and to create an obstacle between itself and an approaching melee foe. Binding Snowstorm heavily obscures one space until the end of its turn. Which one of these does it use on any given turn? Well that's easy. Since we already established that a Snelly wants to be at range as much as possible, then it depends entirely on whether an enemy is within 5ft of it. If yes, it uses Blinding Snowstorm to obscure its movement and avoid opportunity attacks. If no, it uses Barricade to put something between itself and an enemy. Couldn't be simpler.
How does Ice Walk and Burrow factor into this? Simply put, Snelly know they can ignore almost all effects caused by snow and ice, and they also know that doesn't apply to most other things. So whenever possible, they'll try and put as much difficult or slippery terrain between themselves and the enemy as possible. If there isn't any, they'll use Barricade to make some, coordinating with other Snelly if needed. Remember, Barricade is snow, so they ignore it. Also, remember that when putting space between themselves and a foe, down is a viable direction. Its the safest place for them between turns and the hardest to follow. A surrounded Snelly can use Blinding Snowstorm and escape into the ground. They're not about to be martyrs without good reason, so a Snelly in retreat will prefer to head below ground to regroup with its pals.
Most of this applies equally if the Snelly is fighting for sport or for survival. The main difference comes when a Snelly is losing a fight. They take games seriously but high-risk high-reward strategies are fun so they might seek glory over victory. When life is on the line, they know to run. Snelly will cover each other in retreat, underground if possible, with the least injured Snelly drawing attention while the rest get clear of the area. They'll flee sooner if retreating is harder, for example if they can't burrow. Snelly won't hesitate to call for backup when provoked, and their tendency to collect military memorabilia means they might have a spare war horn or banner handy to hail reinforcements.
Narrow tunnels don't favour snow-slinging ranged warfare, so once an invader breaches the underground they rely on traps and collapsing the tunnel on top of foes. Snelly almost always have a second lair to retreat to, which they normally use as one team's camp during games of Capture the Flag, but Snelly don't abandon their territory. Driving them from their main home is an invitation to total war, where they'll use their superior underground mobility to trap invaders inside and starve them out, or force them to flee the tunnels straight into an ambush. Snelly are well practiced at making quick bolt-holes and temporary bases, so if an enemy conquers their territory they can rough it out a while in makeshift lairs as they plan a counterattack.
And that's most of what there is to know about Snelly! They're meant to be fun creatures that the players can can have funny rp interactions with or play minigames with while at the same time being genuinely cool to run encounters with or to use as minions summoned via Conjure Minor Elementals while at the same time not being so difficult to run in numbers. That's a lot I know, maybe I got carried away with these LARP enthusiasts, so I'd love to hear some feedback.
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2022.01.24 19:20 JRHEvilInc Looking for a collapsible cage/run for my rats to give them more free-roaming time. Any product recommendations? (UK based)

The title pretty much covers it, but for clarity, my house isn't really set up for rat free-roaming. Too many sofas to crawl under and wires to potentially nibble (they've been very good on not doing that so far, but I don't want to risk it). I've been letting them out each day and until recently they just stuck to the outside of the cage, and when they tried to explore further I was easily able to redirect them, but now the younger two have realised there's a whole world out there and they actively dart past me and avoid my hands - pretty sure they think it's part of the game. Needless to say this can be quite frustrating and even stressful, such as if I'm just opening the cage door to give them food before I need to leave the house.
So I'm very eager to get a nice big run for them that I can set up in my living room. That way they can run about as much as they like, and I can safely observe from the sidelines without having to chase them around. I don't have the space to keep one up 24/7 though, so it'd absolutely need to be collapsible.
Has anyone come across any good products like this? I've tried looking it up and I've found these two: and, but they both seem to include hammers and cable-ties, so I worry it might be inconvenient to put it up and take it down multiple times a week.
(Also, as the title suggests, I'm UK based, so preferably looking for UK sites to buy from)
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.24 19:20 Teddy-draws Broken Pins in a DS lite card slot

I have two old ds-lite consoles and they both have broken pins in the card slot (they aren’t just bent, they snapped off), is there any place where I can find a replacement for cheap or are they just doomed?
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2022.01.24 19:20 Practical_Expert_580 Please!! Will boost back Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂

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2022.01.24 19:20 gaitoo135 BMW F900R - One of the most underrated bikes in it’s class! [4034x2689]

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2022.01.24 19:20 AndreiOlinic N.A.R. - Nuclear Animal Rescue OST (link to game and individual track in description)

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2022.01.24 19:20 FiddyZee Banned for creating new account?

I’ve been playing warzone for a little over a year, and I was pretty bad when I first started. Im wanting to create a new activision account and start over to try and keep that KD at a higher number. Could I get banned if I made a new account and had an obvious higher skill level than the other players at the lower level lobbies?
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2022.01.24 19:20 viaa_bluetoothh Sharing my work multi-purpose design. I am so inspired by the fairy ring, ended up making this.

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2022.01.24 19:20 Strattex How many of you are still on the old Spotify look?

Picture in comments
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2022.01.24 19:20 sn0r NATO bolsters eastern flank as fears mount over Ukraine crisis

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2022.01.24 19:20 KDogma23 Are these gelatinous blobs eggs?

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2022.01.24 19:20 Itchy_Strain8565 I got approved for a med card

I used nuggmd and not even joking I got approved in under 15 minutes now I’m awaiting a confirmation email to register with Missouri :)
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2022.01.24 19:20 CelebrationNo88 Hold up

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2022.01.24 19:20 Fairwaydivots What do you call a constipated detective?

No Shit Sherlock
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2022.01.24 19:20 adoris1 Who would we have to let go to retain Rodgers and/or Adams?

I'm trying to solidify my opinion on what the Packers should do moving forward, and feel like that can only be decided in the context of the tradeoffs elsewhere on the roster.
Obviously we are way over cap and can only keep Rodgers if he agrees to an extension that clears cap space. Same goes for Davante Adams with the franchise tag. Suppose they're both willing to do that, though (if not, our decision is easy).
My question for someone knowledgeable of how the cap works is this: given reasonable estimates of how much that extension would cost, how much cap space would we then need to cut in order to make it all fit? And more importantly, *what's the list of players likeliest to be cut or not re-signed in order to make that happen?*
In other words, our options are these:
Option A - trade Rodgers for picks, and either tag-and-trade Adams or let him go in FA. Roll with Love in 2022, and draft a QB in 2023 if Love doesn't work out. Would we at least be under cap then, with a few restructures? If not, we'd have to cut X players.
Option B - Trade Rodgers but tag or re-sign Adams. This would give Love more chance to succeed next year, but we'd have to cut Y players (where Y > X).
Option C - Triple down, re-sign Rodgers and tag Adams, and ride them both into the ground until their arms fall off - at the expense of having to cut or not re-sign Z players, where Z > Y and is presumably devastates the rest of the roster.
Can someone smarter than me estimate X, Y, and Z?
(Note: If we were playing Madden I suppose technically there's a fourth option: re-sign Rodgers but let Adams go, forcing Rodgers to actually make his reads instead of over-trusting his chemistry in double coverage. This would actually be my preference, since Rodgers is like 10-1 without Adams, and this past weekend showed the danger of over-relying on him in the playoffs. But I can't imagine Rodgers agrees to an extension without him in real life, so I didn't include this.)
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2022.01.24 19:20 ol_smaug C64 Voxel Dungeon

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2022.01.24 19:20 Amazing_Locksmith_40 Online Ticketing is my #2 online service, just after food delivery

Just to make sure we’re clear, I would go for food delivery apps over any other online service! I’ve noticed they even start to appear as dApps and crypto tokens, but nothing serious yet. On the other hand, online ticketing websites often attract many looking for tickets to sports games and concerts. However, they also continue to fuel unique event categories that continue to stick around despite the pandemic.
As we can see, people across the globe become comfortable with digital technology and embrace online platforms due concerns about the coronavirus I’m not surprised that innovation within the ticketing industry has found a home within the cryptocurrency world. I mean I’m more than happy to trade my tokens for tickets. An example of company like that is PheonixDao with their event dApp offering NFT tickets. Crypto and blockchain continue to march towards greater mainstream adoption as major brands and media figures embrace the technology.
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